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About our company

Our company with extensive experience offers high-quality cleaning on favorable terms. All our employees are the best in their field, we use only high-quality and expensive products.
We work with stars like Kim Richards and Adam Hunter.
Standart cleaning
Standard cleaning includes washing all surfaces of the house, toilet, bathroom, all dust, as well as a vacuum cleaner and washing floors
Deep cleaning
Deep cleaning includes cleaning the entire house, as well as any of your requests! walls, skirting boards, ceiling - no problem!
Depression house
We cannot cure a person of depression, but we can help him feel a little better, this is a complete cleaning of the house, any garbage and creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere in the house
Cleaning at parties or birthdays
Cleaning at any of your events, any help you need, as well as cleaning after the event
А house that has not been lived in for a long time
You bought a house, but no one has lived in it for a long time, it is completely mired in dirt and dust, a bad smell? we will help and make your home perfectly clean
Cleaning of houses for rent, laundry, as well as a complete cleaning of the house is included
Please trust your home only to professionals. Any questions and wishes. We are famous for the fact that the client can choose any date and time

Thumbtack Reviews

  • Ms. Irina was very responsive to my request for assistance with house cleaning. She sent Dayana who arrived and was all about business. Dayana worked hard for hours and left our home looking fresh & clean. We are very happy and will be setting up regular service. Thank you Dayana & Ms. Irina for a job well done!😊

    Tonya S.
  • Irina and her crew are exceptionally meticulous and thorough. They have been punctual, work very fast, and most importantly do a great job of not just cleaning, but also organizing. I have used her twice and plan on continuing using her service for the foreseeable future. A fantastic find!

    Kat V.
  • Our house was in disarray after not being cleaned for months and it was beginning to stress us out.MsClean to the rescue! They did an amazing job and cleaned the house top to bottom. Can’t recommend highly enough.
    David S.
  • Great attention to detail. Thoroughly cleaned every inch on my apartment. Will be continuing services with them biweekly.

    Kim R.
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What harm does dust do on the body?

Dust deposits not only spoil the appearance of the room. The harmful effects of dust on the human body have been scientifically proven. The presence of toxins and fragments of heavy metals in the suspension is especially dangerous for children and the elderly.
Particularly high risks are associated with the development of an allergic reaction. Many diseases cause allergies, especially since one in ten people is a potential allergy sufferers, even if they are not aware of it.
Harmful allergic effects of ordinary room dust on the human body by the nature of symptoms can be easily confused with colds. The patient complains of sore throat, constant runny nose, sneezing, dry cough. And the cause of respiratory system problems is not a pathogenic infection, but exposure to dust particles.